Gluten-Free Holiday Survival

Are you or someone you know a gluten-free eater?  Most of us who eat gluten free simply have to in order to feel good.  In other words, "doctor's orders!" Here's my somewhat serious take on the subject.

This holiday season is filled with some of the most delectable goodies of the year.  Cookies, cakes, confections, etc.  It's a tough job trying not to succumb to these "off-limits" delights!  I've included a PDF file with this blog that lists some of my favorite non-gluten commercial products. Please feel free to pass it on to a friend or loved one who's struggling to find decent non-gluten food.  In the meantime, here are a few tips to help those fighting Gluten Envy at this time.

1) Remember the Golden Gluten-Free Rule: Chocolate is non-gluten.  Repeat this phrase several times and you will feel stress melt away.  Nuts are gluten free too so you can basically live on Almond Bark and truffles for 3 weeks. Yippee! The added caffeine also helps you to get through all those extra activities like shopping, wrapping gifts, going to parties, decorating, writing out cards, etc.

     I recently ate a large Trader Joe's almond bark bar in two days.  I accomplished more in those two days than I had in two weeks and I figure I ate enough of those "dark chocolate antioxidants" to stave off all the viruses going around this time of year.

2) Make up or buy gluten free goodies to keep frozen so you can, at a moment's notice, grab them when the temptation comes while your baking those "regular" holiday  cookies for your friends and neighbors.  Try whipping up some Pamela's brand German Chocolate Brownies (recipe on the package.)  Defrost a few just before you start baking.  When your finger begins entering the mixing bowl to attack the "regular" cookie dough, turn and grab a brownie.  Repeat as necessary.

3)  Take a little tin filled with your own gluten-free goodies to parties and dinners so you've got something available to enjoy instead of sitting there drooling like a doggy begging for a treat.  It's so much more dignified.

4)  Use the Gluten Free Sympathy Ploy to really pig out on extra things like roast beef, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and other naturally non-gluten delights.  Simply say, "My doctor says I should eat a lot of naturally gluten-free foods since there are so many foods I can't enjoy."  Other guests will gently nod their heads in approval and understanding and you're good to go.  Come dessert time, take out your tiny tin (the tinier it is, the better the effect) from beside your chair, put on a sad puppy look and state, "My doctor says I can have a few "special" goodies for dessert."

Tip:  This is where those four helpings of ham come into play.  They'll help you get through dessert time until you get to your car where you have a regular size tin of cookies, brownies, chocolates, etc.

I wish all of you non-gluten eaters a happy holiday season!

Gluten Free Foods
Bonnie Marie's recommended list of commercially produced gluten free foods.
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